The Del Pozzo family has been in the food industry for over fifty years. It started with my grandfather, Pietro Del Pozzo Sr. who immigrated to America from Avellino, Italy with a passion for food and cooking. In 1955, he opened his first restaurant "Monte Carlo" in Queens Village, New York. Since then, his sons and daughters have followed including my father, Pietro Del Pozzo Jr. Three generations later, we are still making authentic, all natural recipes and sharing them with you.

Our company was inspired by our Italian family history and the joy food brings to any table. With the same enthusiasm as my ancestors, my wife and I share our love of food with family and friends. We have taken our homemade all natural recipes, using only the freshest and finest ingredients, and brought them to your table. We truly believe our artisan style and all natural products are a delightful taste to any palate!


Made in small batches for
that real homemade taste!