Fresh Sauces

Every great tomato sauce starts with its foundation- the tomato. To make our five incredible sauces, we start by using imported whole peeled Italian tomatoes from the Puglia region of Italy. Next we only use the freshest and all natural ingredients from local farmers in the New York and Connecticut areas (when in season). We never add sugar, artificial flavorings, use any preservatives or concentrated tomato paste. Emulsifying fresh, quality ingredients with pure imported Italian olive oil in small batches yield a true fantastic homemade sauce. By doing this we are able to create flavors and textures that processed or manufactured food just can’t match!

Marinara Sauce

Our Marinara sauce is made with imported whole peeled Italian tomatoes, imported Italian olive oil, fresh sautéed onions, fresh sautéed garlic, fresh basil, fresh parsley, sea salt and black pepper. Light and flavorful on the palate, this sauce is a staple in anyone’s home.

Sunday Sauce (Formerly known as Sugo di Campania)

Our best selling and most popular flavor! Since our family is from the Campania region of Italy, we have created a true southern Italian style tomato sauce that was used by my grandfather when he opened his restaurant in Queens Village, NY in 1955. We start by using imported whole peeled Italian tomatoes. Next we use fresh onions, fresh carrots and fresh celery (known as Italian soffritto - the three chief ingredients in southern Italian cooking). We peel and chop the onions, carrots and celery then sauté them in pure imported Italian olive oil along with freshly chopped garlic. Next we incorporate these fresh vegetables with our imported whole peeled Italian tomatoes and simmer in small kettles. Lastly we add fresh basil, black pepper and a touch of sea salt. The flavor profile makes this an authentic southern Italian sauce. Use with your favorite cut of pasta or even use as a great base for bolognese sauce or for lasagna. The possibilities are endless!

Artichoke & Garlic Sauce

Our unique Artichoke & Garlic sauce is created by sautéing fresh hearts of artichokes and fresh garlic in pure imported Italian olive oil. Once the olive oil has absorbed all the natural flavors of the fresh artichokes and fresh garlic we then add whole peeled Italian tomatoes and let the flavors melt together and simmer in our small kettles. The small kettles offer consistent flavor in all of our sauces which creates that homemade taste just like grandma’s big pot of sauce on her stove. As a finishing touch we add fresh basil and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Vodka Sauce

Like all of our sauces, the creation of our delicious Vodka Sauce begins by using our whole peeled tomatoes from Italy. We combine that delightful natural flavor with freshly chopped onions and garlic that have been slowly sautéed in imported Italian olive oil. The creamy texture and richness is created by adding a touch of cream, pecorino romano cheese and a splash of vodka. The finishing touch occurs when we add fresh basil and parsley and cook these all natural ingredients in small batches to give you a true homemade taste and flavor. Light tasting on the palate, yet very smooth and rich in flavor. Pairs excellent with your favorite cut of pasta or fish!